Air Force Survival Knife

While the SOG Bowie or Recon Knife is the most well known of SOG knifes a lot of recon teams thought the knife wasn't the best in the field, so another very common knife was the Air Force's survival knife. Aircrew Survival/Egress Knife (ASEK) used by U.S. Aviation aircrews. The US Air Force Survival…

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Hot-Wet Environment Individual Survival Kit

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The Hot-Wet Environment Individual Survival Kit was issued to Special Forces personnel departing for South East Asia in early 1964. The kit provided emergency medical supplies and a shelter and foraging capability for up to 10 days. The kits 42 items were divided into 2 parts the operational and the…

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ACR RT-10 Survival Radio

This is an example of the ACR RT-10 Survival radio as issued to pilots, these were used by SOG teams as an emergency radio and were often carried in the upper left pocket of the jungle uniform. This is a sample of the text from the TM Manual. " To…

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