Conrad “Ben” Baker & CISO

Baker, a WW II veteran who served briefly in General Douglas MacArthur’s headquarters staff before putting his skills at organization and logistics to work with Field Engineers. In 1963 he was working in Okinawa when Special Forces Capt. David E. Watts worked to develop the Counterinsurgency Support Office (CISO) in…

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Tropical Rucksack

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The Tropical Rucksack was introduced in 1968 as part of the M-67 equipment. The 68 dated example that is shown here has the early plastic snaps on the pockets like all first issue 67 gear. It was first issued to "priority" units including Special Forces, Rangers, and Divisional Recon. It…

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CPT. Carleton Vencill CISO Indiginous Rucksack

This CISO Indigenous rucksack was owned by SOG RT member CPT. Carleton Vencill. Vencill was a member of CCS in 1970. Captain Carleton P. Vencill enlisted in the US Army in July 1964 and retired on 1st August 1985, as a Colonel (I believe). Carleton commanded Bravo Company, 4/503d Infantry,…

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