S.O.G. Prairie Fire: MACV-SOG In Conversation #2

Another first from the Savage Game Design team, this time 4 former SOG RT 1-0's together answering questions and even asking each other questions about their experiences. "We are pleased to present this historic first - 4 former MACV-SOG 1-0s and a crew chief from one of SOG's supporting aviation…

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RT Colorado 1969: Impression

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Here we can see a group member portraying a member of RT Colorado in mid-1969, with his appearance based around the original photographs of Frank Greco and Willie McCleod which can be found in Greco's exceptional book 'Running Recon'. For much of the period concerned, Willie McCleod was the 1-0…

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S.O.G. Prairie Fire, Out Now!!

Today is the launch of the new Arma 3 CDLC created by Savage Game Design. Get ready to experience the brutal intensity of the Vietnam War on a monumental scale. Developed with the help of US veterans and Vietnamese advisors, S.O.G. Prairie Fire immerses you deep within enemy territory as…

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