Colt .25 ACP Automatic Pistol

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These Colt .25 Automatics were sometimes used by SOG team members as a last stand weapon, carried in the jungle shirt or close to their person. The .25 Automatic has fairly high velocity for such a small cartridge. However, the energy it delivers at any range is quite low. This,…

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AT984 Radio Antenna Pouch

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This is the pouch for the multiple wavelength long wire antenna for the VHF low band radios like the PRC-25¬†and PRC-77. It provides more gain than the whips antennas or the RC-292 or OE-254 fixed station omni-directional antennas. It is an unterminated wire unlike the OE-303 half rhombic that uses…

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MACV/Special Forces Paperwork

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Some reproduction examples of Special Forces paperwork issued by MACV including Detainee Cards describing how to treat Prisoners Of War, Meal cards for the canteen and membership cards for Enlisted Men's clubs.

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Hot-Wet Environment Individual Survival Kit

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The Hot-Wet Environment Individual Survival Kit was issued to Special Forces personnel departing for South East Asia in early 1964. The kit provided emergency medical supplies and a shelter and foraging capability for up to 10 days. The kits 42 items were divided into 2 parts the operational and the…

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