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RT Vermont 1-0 Lee Burkins “Recon” Boonie

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Front view of Lee Burkins Boonie

We are honoured that RT Vermont 1-0 Lee Burkins has sent us pictures of his Recon boonie hat. This is piece of SOG history and there is a picture of Lee wearing teh boonioe in Vietnam below and here is what he had to say about his hat.

“Paul, here are some pics of the original ‘boonie hat’ that recon team members wore in the rear areas.
This was during the year 1970. The hat was black, embroidered with the team name (RT Vermont in the onetao picture) The hat had the team member’s name on the back. Inside the hat was either a piece of ‘signal cloth’ sometimes with the CCC Skull patch sewn with it also. This hat is 29 years old and fading.

The inside of the boonie with a signal panel placed inside

Rear detail view of the vest showing the Jungle First Aid Pouch attached and the 2 x 20rd magazine pouches

A picture of Lee Burkins in his room wearing the hat shown on this page

All pictures courtesy of Lee Burkins:

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