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RT Colorado 1969: Impression

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Here we can see a group member portraying a member of RT Colorado in mid-1969, with his appearance based around the original photographs of Frank Greco and Willie McCleod which can be found in Greco’s exceptional book ‘Running Recon’.
For much of the period concerned, Willie McCleod was the 1-0 of RT Colorado, Charles ‘Chuck’ Erickson was the 1-1 and Frank Greco was the 1-2. The indigenous members of the team, principally Rhade Tribe Montagnards, were Amuih, Duet, Nhieu, Weeng, Uon, Boch, Duet, Phin and Bie*.
Frank Greco – RT Colorado 1-2.
RT Colorado on a hill top in Laos. Willie McCleod, the 1-0, can be seen on the extreme right calling airstrikes.
SFC Willie McCleod, the 1-0 of RT Colorado.
*Information & Photos from ‘Running Recon – A Photo Journey with SOG Special Ops along the Ho Chi Minh Trail’ by Frank Greco.