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“One-Zero” Jacket

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Party jackets: The black One-Zero jackets (1-0) were initially intended as rain jackets produced by CISO, but were discouraged by some team leaders since they made too much noise when worn. Although, according to Jason Hardy, some RTs did take them to the field and photos exist of the jackets being worn as rain garments. The jackets came in 3 different variations:

Type I: Black nylon pull-over with detachable hood and buttoned cuffs
Type II: Black nylon pull-over with no hood, collar and buttoned cuffs
Type III: Black nylon button up with collar and buttoned cuffs

Many turned these Rain coats into Party jackets. On these would typically be embroidered team members first name, and or full name or even “nick names” directly embroidered US Airborne wings, Combat Infantryman’s Badge (CIB), Team patches, SOG “Shell Bursts”, SCU patches, (both the shield shaped and circular variations), US flags, Team Scrolls, Nothing was ever put on the back of these jackets.

This is a replica One-Zero jacket.