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Military Odyssey 2008

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Show Report

Cover Photo: Victorian period soldier on guard in his camp

Modern Forces was at Military Odyssey this year with the guys from the 101st Airborne LRRP/Ranger LHA who had a great display, you can see the pictures of that here. It was a good show but I thought it seemed a lot smaller that previous years with no Romans, English Civil War or WWI reenactors there (that I saw) There was also a lack of horse for the Napoleonic and Western displays.

An 1805 dated Napoleonic Canon with some Horse Artillery crew

The Regency period meets the American Civil War

American Civil War Union Soldiers

A Spanish Civil War armourer

A pair of Samurai playing Goh (I think)

A Greek or Spartan Hoplite (forgot to ask…)

3 mean looking hombres…

Part of the display at the 101st Rangers camp

More from the 101st Rangers camp

A Dodge WC63 and M1 anti-tank gun

Another view of the Dodge WC63, its been painted with snow camouflage

US WWII half-track

Bunker with Jeep bonnet as roof


WWII Russian soldiers settling down for some lunch