Special Operations Association

The Presidential Unit Citation (Army) was awarded to MACV-SOG (Military Assistance Command, Vietnam Studies and Observations Group), during a ceremony at Ft. Bragg, North Carolina on April 4, 2001. The citation is awarded to units for extraordinary heroism in action. The unit award is equal to the individual award of the Distinguished Service Cross, the U.S. military’s second highest award for valor. Click here

MACV-SOG Facebook, there is a great active online community on Facebook for MACV- SOG veterans and families run by Jason Collins and Paul LaFrance 1-0 CCS. Click here

ST Idaho on the tarmac at NKP Thailand enroute to North Vietnam for a pilot recovery in January 1968:
Great new site and book from SOG Medic Steve Perry, we have an interview coming up with him soon. Some amazing pictures on this site, well worth a visit.

Michael Stahl (on the right) was the 1-0 of RT Michigan out of CCN and has been in contact with us, this is his site.
Great site from John Stryker Meyer and John E. Peters, both veterans of SOG. The book has links to the books they have published Over The Fence (out of print but soon to be updated and reprinted) and On The Ground. Both of these are essential reading.
Radix Press publishing a series of Special Forces Reference booklets in three series, The Who’s Who series, when completed, will cover every SF team/detachment in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam from 1954 to 1976.
Great site from Chris Lloyd covering multi-peroid militaria with some great SOG items.
Great site and run by a real nice chap, he does a great line in repro paperwork and US and Oz rations. Quick service too.

Living History group based in the US comprosed entirly of veterans with great access to hardware such as the odd Huey…
One of US members, Jack Kull, works for the Defense Prisoner of War/Missing Personnel Office. The Defense Prisoner of War/Missing Personnel Office (DPMO), as part of the United States Department of Defense, reports to the Undersecretary of Defense for Policy through the Assistant Secretary of Defense (International Security Affairs). DPMO provides centralized management of prisoner of war/missing personnel (POW/MP) affairs within the Department of Defense
Great group portraing Charlie Company – 1st Battalion – 27th Infantry Regiment – 25th Infantry Division (“C” co. 1/27 Inf. 25th ID.) during the Vietnam War. I wish we had access to Hueys like they do…
Site from SOG historian JasonHardy with lots of unpublished photographs
Fascinating site about the 46th Special Forces Company in Thailand
RT Vermont One-Zero Lee Burkins site, its a must visit site and his book is one of the most inspirational I have read. He has been helping us with getting our recreations of SOG RT’s right.
Nice Central European Special Forces re-enactment site
if you want “in-country” style patches making then this is the pace to go. First class work and first class delivery. Top notch and one our favorite folks
The Montagnard Health Care Assistance Project (MHCAP) is a volunteer organization dedicated to establishing self sustaining programs relating education and health care access for the US Montagnard population.

While newly arriving Montagnards are authorized access to a government run health insurance program, they typically lose eligibility rapidly as most enter the work force very soon after arriving in the United States. This combined with a lack of disease prevention education, easy access to a primary care provider, lack of employer based health insurance and illness/injury aggravation due to the stresses associated with immigration from Vietnam can culminate in a health crisis for these remarkable people.
really interesting link to a site about the communications satellites based in Vietnam, this one about the one sited at the Special Forces camp at Binh Tan, which was an outpost of the 5th Special Forces unit A502. Not much content but really interesting photographs.
Interesting site about Special Forces team A-502, “the largest A-Team in the world”.
A site detailing the history of B-52 Project Delta.
New site for UK based Living History Association / Re-enactment group who’s impressions are based on the LRRP’S / LRP’s / Rangers of the 101st Airbourne Division who served their country in Vietnam between the years of 1965 to 1971. Great bunch of guys.
Website from Vietnam veteran and militaria collector in the States, amazing collection of Eastern Bloc weapons.
A great site for the basics on uniforms, equipment and weapons used during the Vietnam War.

Great group from Poland, great attention to detail and lots of shots taken with a Olympus Pen EE2 Camera.
This is a really great document that covers tactics or recon teams in Vietnam

Great site from Japan, some interesting MACV-SOG related reproductions.
More maps of Vietnam with contextual information overlaid.
Some great guys here, and they do an amazing show at War & Peace.
Great Vietnam Militaria dealer
Great Vietnam Militaria dealer
Great Vietnam Militaria dealer
Great dealer for all re-enacting supplies. Great repro Tiger Stripes as well
US based battlefield tour operator run by veterans