S.O.G. Prairie Fire Stories #1: John “Tilt” Stryker Meyer

Savage Game Design are premiering their first in a series of interviews with SOG legends. “Tonight we’re honoured to present the first interview in our weekly series with S.O.G. Prairie Fire veteran team-mates, and it’s the legendary John Stryker Meyer aka Tilt, who features in the game as an adviser…

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John “Tilt” Stryker Meyer Signed Photographs

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John Stryker “Tilt” Meyer (born March 3, 1948) is an American author and U.S. Army Special Forces combat veteran of service in covert reconnaissance with the Studies and Observations Group, also known as MACV-SOG and was One-Zero of RT Idaho. Meyer resides in California, since 1985, and has published three…

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