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C4 Demo Blocks

The M112 demolition charge is a rectangular block of Composition C-4 approximately 2 inches by 1.5 inches and 11 inches long, weighing 1.25 lb (0.57 kg). Packed in a Mylar-film container with a pressure-sensitive adhesive tape on one surface. The tape is protected by a peelable paper cover. The M112 demolition charge is used primarily for cutting and breaching all types of demolition work. Because of its moldability and high brisance, the charge is ideally suited for cutting irregularly shaped targets such as steel. The adhesive backing allows the charge to be attached to any relatively flat, clean, dry surface that is above freezing point. The M112  demolition charge can be cut and moulded to fit irregularly shaped targets while being easily attached to the target. The colour of the wrapper aids in camouflage. Odd weight makes calculating charge weights difficult. Adhesive tape will not adhere to wet, dirty, rusty, or frozen surfaces. Composition C-4 explosives are poisonous and dangerous if chewed or ingested; their detonation or burning produces poisonous fumes.

This is not real of course and an inert reproduction Paul have made himself…