US Jungle Boots

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Panama Sole Jungle Boot In the early 1960s, a jungle boot incorporating most of the improvements developed since the end of World War II was issued to U.S. forces personnel in Vietnam. In the improved boot, the upper was made of cotton canvas duck, with leather for the toe and…

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“One-Zero” Jacket

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Party jackets: The black One-Zero jackets (1-0) were initially intended as rain jackets produced by CISO, but were discouraged by some team leaders since they made too much noise when worn. Although, according to Jason Hardy, some RTs did take them to the field and photos exist of the jackets…

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Conrad “Ben” Baker & CISO

Baker, a WW II veteran who served briefly in General Douglas MacArthur’s headquarters staff before putting his skills at organization and logistics to work with Field Engineers. In 1963 he was working in Okinawa when Special Forces Capt. David E. Watts worked to develop the Counterinsurgency Support Office (CISO) in…

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CCN RT Viper Sprayed and Modified Fatigues

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This jacket was bought from noted SOG collector Paul W. Miraldi, it was found over 15 years ago bundled up in a rag mill with the modifications you see here and the boonie stuffed in the pocket. So while its cant be proved that this is a genuine SOG piece…

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