M56 Canteen Cover

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With the adoption of the M-1956 equipment, the M-1910 1-quart canteen and later World War II-production of the M-1910 remained in service well into the 1960s, later replaced by a plastic variant introduced in 1962. Both were of similar dimensions and slightly curved to sit comfortably on the hip. As…

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C4 Demo Blocks

The M112 demolition charge is a rectangular block of Composition C-4 approximately 2 inches by 1.5 inches and 11 inches long, weighing 1.25 lb (0.57 kg). Packed in a Mylar-film container with a pressure-sensitive adhesive tape on one surface. The tape is protected by a peelable paper cover. The M112…

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SOG Black Cap

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In late March 1971, when the 5th Special Force Group was redeployed to the U.S., American Special Forces personnel assigned to the three Command and Control units were ordered to don black baseball caps when in garrison, rather than wear their Green Berets, and the Command and Control elements (CCN,…

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M56 Small Arms Ammunition Case

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In 1956 the US Army employed several types of cartridge belts for soldiers armed with the M1 Garand, BAR belts for those armed with the M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle, 3- and 5-cell pockets for those armed with sub-machine guns, a pocket for 15 round M1 Carbine and M2 magazines, and two different pockets for the…

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