CISO Indigenous Poncho Liner

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The Counter Insurgency Support Office was established on Okinawa in 1963 to supply clothing, weapons and equipment to Special Forces in Vietnam. Principally run by Ben Baker, the office issued standard and untraceable (sterile) gear (such as this ammo pouch and this rucksack). This item is an Indigenous poncho liner, its smaller…

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CISO Indigenous Poncho

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This is a sterile poncho designed by CISO (Counter Insurgency Support Office) in Okinawa for the indigenous team members, it is the same overall design as the US version but quite a bit smaller and a dark green nylon that isn’t coated in any way. There was also a poncho liner and…

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Air Force Survival Knife

While the SOG Bowie or Recon Knife is the most well known of SOG knifes a lot of recon teams thought the knife wasn’t the best in the field, so another very common knife was the Air Force’s survival knife. Aircrew Survival/Egress Knife (ASEK) used by U.S. Aviation aircrews. The US Air Force Survival…

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